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Cheap dentist? Dental tourism in Turkey in ANTALYA

Cheap dentist? Dental trip to Turkey! Ceramic-metal crown € 140, zirconia crown € 220, porcelain veneer € 220, titanium implant € 380. Guarantee. The shortest time! A reduced rate for patients with great treatment!

If the quote exceeds € 2,500 – free hotel accommodation!

All that’s left to do is buy the plane tickets, we’ll take care of everything else!

Our Clinic is located in Turkey in Antalya. It is perfectly equipped to carry out all dental care. You are free to choose the dates of your trip according to your availability.

Our English speaking guides will assist you in all steps. We provide a welcoming and welcoming service at Antalya Airport and accompany you during your stay. We guarantee you a very pleasant dental trip to Turkey in the atmosphere of trust.

To receive the free dental quote you can fill out the form on the Contact page. Try to enter more information on your situation, for a more detailed diagnosis and personalized estimate, attach a panoramic X-ray or some photos of your teeth so that we can visualize the state of your teeth.

We have the experience of treating patients with a “dental phobia”. The patient will feel good, calm and comfortable throughout the treatment. All processing is guaranteed.

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  • In Turkey dental care (crowns, implants, prostheses) are of superior quality and technologies and materials are at European standard. All the treatment done in our clinic is guaranteed.
  • You benefit from far cheaper rates than in European countries
  • Your dental care will be carried out as quickly as possible and with the maximum possible speed.
  • We provide 24/7 reception and direct pick-up from Antalya Airport
  • We organize all your trips on site
  • At the same time you are spending a vacation in a very beautiful city by the sea!


Turkey Teeth Clinic

Every day we receive foreign patients from different countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Algeria, Morocco, Canada, Russia, Germany etc). To perform dental treatment in our clinic, you will need to choose the dates when you want to come and book the plane tickets. We can always help you with flight searches if you want. We will pick you up directly from Antalya Airport and take care of all your trips there.