Bone Transplant Surgery

Bone Graft And Sinus Operations

Bone graft is a surgical procedure to repair bone fractures to replace missing or damaged bone. If a tooth is missing for a long time or in the case of periodontitis, the bone gets thinned and damaged and is reabsorbed.

In such cases, bone grafting is required for implant placement.

We can reconstruct the bone mass during this described operation. (to place an implant the minimal height of the bone must be 8 mm). Basically, the bone graft procedure happens simultaneously with the implant placement process.

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There are a variety of techniques to grow bone mass: bone graft, close sinus lifting or open direct sinus liftingThe surgeon-dentist approves the treatment required for the bone graft, but determines the type after a detailed examination of the patient’s x-ray.

In order for such operations to be completed successfully, the doctor must be an expert in the field, so not every dentist can perform this operation.

Our surgeons and dentists are experienced and specialized in this field. They have experience in these types of operations. The materials and equipment used in our clinic (the bone for the grafting, the membrane etc.) are the highest quality materials imported from Germany

The bone graft operation performed in our clinic is absolutely painless and postoperative recovery is easy.

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