Mrs. Tankoua (Italy)

Thank you for the extraordinary work you did, the service and support throughout the week was perfect, any advice you could have given me. Thank you to all the team which is competent and professional, the clinic and the equipment are very modern and impeccable cleanliness. Thank you again for everything. I had an incredible stay and the result is more than very good thank you very much I recommend with great pleasure!

Mr. Jabeur (Morocco, Casablanca)

Hello Gentlemen
Why did I choose Easy Dentaire?
It is quite simply because I have found a very professional responsiveness to my needs.
Contact is established, I have had satisfactory answers to all my questions.
In the light of a panoramic X-ray, proposals were made and an approximate estimate was established.
Reassured by the professionalism and availability of Anastasia even at late hours at night, I did not hesitate for a moment to pack my suitcase towards Easy Dentaire in Antalya.
Very late arrival at the airport Mr Riza greeted me pleasantly and headed for the hotel.
Along the way he reassures me and briefs me on the clinic and its services and my treatment program during my stay.
The next day when I arrived at the clinic I was pleasantly surprised to discover an establishment with clean international standards, the smiling and welcoming staff and state-of-the-art equipment.
I am reassured at the bottom of myself which has a phobia of the dentists.
Supported by Doctor Bilgin Bilgili and his collaborators.
The care began with thoroughness and professionalism for all my teeth.
Thanks to the dexterity and thoroughness of Dr. Bilgin, the caregivers and the permanent assistance is efficient Anastasia who translates the stages of care as and when
The implants and the teeth are fixed, the checks are made.
Very satisfying result, the smile came back better than before.
Thank you very much to everyone who helped make me smile.
To do your care, I recommend that you do it at Easy Dentaire in Antalya. You will not be disappointed.
Kind regards your
Cheikh Jabeur (Morocco)

Ms. Benjemai (France, Paris)

With this message, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your availability, kindness and professionalism!

Mr. Slimane (Belgium)

You have worked well, the result is incredible! Thank you very much to the whole team!

Mr. Ruben (Belgium)

Thank you to the entire Easy Dentaire team, from start to finish, and to your professionalism which gives us confidence. Thank you to Anastasia, her availability to patients, thank you to Riza who meets us all the time, Gunay for her kindness and of course to Dr. Bilgin for the work carefully done!

Passed. Jamal Zajr (Beljeq)

Hello Anastasia and the whole team,
Just to tell you that despite the pain of the first days of my stay in Turkey, I returned to Belgium and really satisfied with the result.
Since I came home, I have no pain, it’s really amazing !!!
I am thinking of sending you patients because they are very surprised with the result
Again a big thank you for your kindness.

Mohamed Raouraoua, President of the Algerian Football Federation (Algeria)

Hello, Doctor, Anastasia and Semir,
Thank you very much for the warm welcome and above all for efficiency in the work.
I thank the doctor very much once again for his availability on Sunday.

Caroline and Pascal Martin (France, Paris)

Hello, Anastasia and Semir,
We really wanted to thank you because from our arrival in Antalya until our departure, your welcome, your kindness and your help every day, were beyond reproach.
Thanks also to the exemplary work of your dentist, who is an excellent professional.
We therefore leave delighted to have chosen Easy Dental for our smile and recommend it to everyone

Mr. Combeau (France, Nancy)

Ladies and gentlemen,
First of all, thank you, thank you for everything. I list the satisfactions:
– the perfect care as I expected
– Anastasia great organizer, great assistant, always present for the translation
– Riza, the driver, very friendly and always on time
– Very efficient doctor, very calm and reassuring
– all the rest of the staff whose name I don’t know
– the price: a third of the price in France despite other costs such as airfare and accommodation

Hèlène L. (France)

Like many people, I arrived here with a little apprehension but my doubts quickly faded, a team of unfailing kindness and professionalism, I am more than delighted with the result. A huge thank you to Drs Bilgin and Alican for their professionalism and patience, Riza (whose hand I almost crushed), Anastasia and Semir for their listening and support.

Ms. Anne-Françoise M. (Belgium)

I contacted the Easy Dental Clinic in August 2014 because I had gotten to a point where I didn’t dare to smile, laugh out loud, and I love it.
I was greeted on the phone by a wonderful, considerate, welcoming and very professional person. An appointment was made for the following month, so that I could benefit from advantageous rates, both for flights and hotels. The diagnosis was quite heavy for me … loosening of most of my teeth, which made them mobile … And more bone structure to accommodate possible implants.

Mr. Zakaria L. (France)

I wanted to thank with all my heart for the time and the intention that you were able to bring to you and all the team.
You have given me the support and relief I was hoping for when I had a lot of uncertainties about my teeth.
Again all my thanks for the welcome and professionalism of all the Easy Denatire team.

Miss. J. (coming from Ile de France)

I would like to thank Anastasia and Riza and the whole team for your professionalism and patience and especially for listening to my needs throughout my stay. You were adorable to me, good advice and above all no stress. The clinic is very classy, the material of high quality and the latest technologies. The dentist is very professional, he did a good job. Actions performed: care, crowns, bleaching.

Miss Céline D. (France, Paris)

I arrived in Turkey with some apprehension about the course and the result, I am quite demanding in life in general. Arriving like a princess they take care of picking you up, accompanying you at every stage even where you see no fault they can still improve a service. Quality of care is the first quality.
When the discovery of your first smile, an emotion so great that tears come, it is simply magical the insertion with my face and it is perfect!

Mr. Pierre Guyard (France, Paris)

Everything is going very well, I have found the pleasure of eating normally. And the teeth are beautiful! I must also tell you that I do not regret for a second having chosen your clinic for the care. Thank you for your kindness and your support, always available and always in a good mood. I also thank the surgeon who took care of me and whose work is remarkable. Certainly spending two weeks in Antalya is a lot and we now know this city very well, but it was totally worth it and the end result is perfect. So if we had to do it again, we would choose Easy Dentaire right away!

Mr. and Mrs. Bellenot (Switzerland)

We thank you again for all my dad and I are very happy with the work done. Everything was very well organized: reception at the airport, transport, accompaniment, doctor’s appointments and all the explanations, treatment. Always punctual, friendly and most importantly very efficient, the result is really very beautiful! Thanks again !
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Chris (France)

I came alone to Antalya for a week to carry out my treatments at Easy Dentaire. I hesitated before taking my ticket because I did not know what to expect but in the end my stay in the clinic went very well! More than I expected! The team is very attentive to our needs and wishes throughout the duration of the treatment. They really offer a very good follow-up and support and answer all our doubts and questions. I don’t regret a single moment for coming. The clinic is very modern, the material of high quality and they use the latest technology. The dentist did a truly exceptional job. She is very professional, calm and kind. I cannot thank him enough and the technicians who work very carefully for the preparation of the implants and crowns. Thanks to Easy Dentaire I have a new smile and I am really very happy with the result. I smile all the time. Besides, the Turks are very welcoming and the food very good! Frankly, don’t hesitate any longer, come to Easy Dentaire you won’t be disappointed. Truly not!

Mrs Joelle

Just a quick note to thank you for your welcome. We appreciate your kindness and professionalism as well as the great skills of the practitioners with whom you work. Thanks again!

Mr. Alexis Buisson (France)

Treatments with “Easy Dentaire” in Turkey in Antalya
To rebuild your teeth inexpensively, here is the address I tested for you. I am writing this article for you to have independent testimony.
The whole medical team is Turkish and very competent. The welcome is provided by Anastasia, a friendly young woman who speaks excellent French and English.
It all starts with a cup of coffee, a latest-generation panoramic scanner and a meeting with the doctor – “big boss”.
Once determined with him the work to be done (they are very correct never prompting you to do more than necessary), the estimate is determined precisely.
Serious things can begin. I spent 6 hours on this chair pulling 7 teeth and filing 16!
But in 5 days and 1/3 the price they did what would have taken a year in France… Everything is guaranteed for 5 years !!!!
Come on hi, at least now I can smile at you !!!

Miss Rojo (France)

At first I was afraid to come, frankly. But when I arrived at the clinic I was very surprised, positive of course. The equipment was there as in France. The welcome was very good, there were French-speaking guides, that helped me a lot. I am very happy with the result, which you can see and estimate!

Mme S. Valzer, Mr C. Ruckert (France, Cannes)

I had major dental problems and visited a lot of clinics. I learned about Easy Dentaire from the Internet. Before coming I had all the necessary information which was very reassuring. No bad surprises! Anastasia and Riza the driver couldn’t do enough for us. The result … perfect! Nothing to say! Everyone, the team at this clinic, they have become our friends!

Mr. Emmanuel (Switzerland, Geneva)

I came to Antalya in May to completely redo my teeth. After making contact via the Internet and by phone I was convinced that this was the best way to deal with this problem once and for all.
I was picked up directly from the airport and the lovely Anastasia took me to the hotel. The next day we went to the dentist (a state-of-the-art clinic), confirmed the pre-established estimate on the Internet and started treatment.
Everything went very well, no pain and after a few days I found my smile that had been lost for years!
This without counting the magnificent setting and the change of scenery. Moreover the price is without competition with the exorbitant prices in Switzerland (approximately 4 to 5 x cheaper) without counting the speed and the quality of the products.
If you don’t particularly like going to the dentist, I definitely recommend that you come and have your teeth restored at Easy Dentaire. It is worth it and the result will enchant you!